What is a TRIUMPH Coach?

And why would I need one?

Triumph Coaching is an action based coaching program geared towards entrepreneurs who are experiencing or escaping from TAR – (a Toxic Abusive Relationship).

In conjunction with the other support people and systems in your life, you work with a Triumph coach to establish and work through the steps of building the foundations for a healthy life and a business that supports your goals and purpose.

Not all survivors are suited to Triumph Coaching so I always begin with a Taste of Triumph session – a 20 minute get to know you session that helps determine if Triumph Coaching is right for you.

If you’re living in or recovering from an abusive relationship, it is my hope that you’ll find hope and inspiration here. If Triumph Coaching is not right for you at this time – then you may want to listen to some episodes of Triumphant Tales or access the tools from my Triumph Club by signing up below.

Through stories of single moms who have escaped from abuse and rebuilt their lives, you’ll discover that you don’t have to settle for less than the best in your own life.  You’ll find the tools and resources you need to forge your own path toward financial and emotional health with resources focused on navigating the entrepreneurial path to heal from the financial, emotional and psychological wounds of domestic violence.

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