Triumph Coach

You’ll find support through inspiration and strategy focused on overcoming the effects of domestic violence with efforts including the Triumphant Tales podcast and The Freebird Project Shop along with private and group coaching.

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Showcase Your Skills Effortlessly

Capturing your voice and expressing your expertise with attention getting about pages and press releases are the focus of Patrysha’s writing services. Stop pulling your hair out trying to find the right words – you can end the tears (and perhaps years) of frustration with the writing services here.

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Educational & Empowering Speaker

If your western Canadian event or conference needs an educational speaker or workshop leader on publicity & marketing for small and home based business or survivor topics you’ll want to consider Patrysha. Order up the full listing of topics and scheduling options in this section.

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Here’s why you want to connect with and hire the multi-faceted marketing mind of Patrysha

My goal is to get you to the information and resources you need in you need as quickly as possible.

Patrysha : Here to bridge & simplify

Whether it’s through what I offer myself or through one of the many business professionals I have found over the years, my goals is to help small business owners and survivors find the answers to their most pressing questions and concerns so they can continue to move themselves towards success.

The best way to begin with me is to start where you are – and let me connect you to the pieces of my knowledge and network that can best serve you in your journey as an entrepreneur, a TAR (Toxic Abusive Relationship) survivor or both.

After nearly 45 years of life experience and 20 years of small business marketing experience – narrowing down my specialty has become muddy…to say the least – though it all boils down to four things – I coach, I write, I speak, and I teach. I have a full-time job, three podcasts and am part owner of an online clothing store. All of it is centered on one purpose – encouraging entrepreneurship through education, empowerment and example.

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For Serious EntrepreneursFor Survivors

For Survivors

If you want to skip the video, the basic gist of it is –

This is your invitation as someone living in or recovering from a toxic abusive relationship (TAR), to join my Triumph Club which is what I call my personal resource recovery list which matches the theme of the podcast I host, Triumphant Tales.

The video explains who I am:  Patrysha (aka Patricia with a y).

And what I do:  By day I am a business advisor and certified business coach for rural business owners through a local non-profit organization. By night (and on weekends), I am a triumph coach – a speaker, a writer and a podcast host who aspires to inspire survivors of TAR to start or expand their work at home journey.

And why: As a work at home professional and domestic abuse survivor this is my gift to the world from the pain that was.

Sign up for the TRIUMPH Club and find out why survivors make kick ass entrepreneurs!

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Anxiety and worry can be crippling, but we can only fight them a moment at a time. Keep this guide handy to help you remember how to combat the mind monkeys mid attack with these 15 survivor tested tools.

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